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I utilize the Barton system, a program designed to improve the reading and spelling of children and adults. I have provided answers to a few basic questions here, but I highly recommend visiting Susan Barton's official website at:

Bright Solutions For Dyslexia

What is the Barton system?

The Barton system is a research based tutoring program designed to improve the reading and spelling of children and adults. It was originally designed for those with dyslexia, but a student does not need to have dyslexia to benefit from it. Barton teaches the process of reading and spelling in a ground-up approach that will make logical sense to someone who is struggling.

Will the Barton system help me/my child?

The Barton system will work for people of all ages, with or without dyslexia. A student of Barton must only fulfill a four requirements for the program to be effective:

  1. The student is at least 5 years old and in Kindergarten.
  2. The student has a mostly fluent grasp of the English language (Barton is not an ESL program).
  3. The student is not profoundly mentally handicapped, and has an IQ of at least 70.
  4. The student struggles with spelling, and has trouble sounding out unknown words (Barton is a program focused on fluency, not comprehension).

In addition to the above, each student must pass a student screening test, which I provide free of charge before starting instruction.

I have another question about the Barton system. Is there someone I can ask?

Yes! Susan Barton personally provides support for anybody using the Barton system. Her contact information can be found on the Bright Solutions website, linked above. I would also be happy to answer any questions you might have. I can be contacted at cr@mschristinastutoring.com.